Lofty in Fabryka Jedwabiu is an investment that caters to individuals seeking comfort and relaxation while being located in the vibrant heart of the city. Smart home systems, elevators directly leading to the apartments, a reception area with a prestigious lobby, and rooftop gardens are just some of the elements that contribute to the overall industrial luxury.

Due to the industrial character of the complex, the apartments are exceptionally diverse in terms of layouts, sizes, and number of levels. We cater to the needs of even the most discerning clients.


The interior design concept of Lofty in Fabryka Jedwabiu aims to integrate modern and timeless solutions into the existing historical fabric.

Clean, minimalist forms finished with high-quality materials are enriched with details that give the interiors a luxurious and hotel-like character.

The project utilizes modern design inspired by the beauty of history. It incorporates timeless materials such as marble, terrazzo, and metal. The walls are covered with durable vinyl wallpapers that draw inspiration from silk. The elegant motif adds a luxurious touch to the interiors. The entire project emphasizes diverse patterns and textures of materials that come together to complement each other.


Check which amenities will make your life easier:
apartments with direct elevator access
apartments with direct elevator access
w każdej klatce
parking spaces
in the garage hall
w hali garażowej
tenant storage units
skrzynki pocztowe
z automatami do odbierania paczek
conference room available for residents
dedicated SMART HOME system for each apartment
additional soundproofing of apartments ensured by high-quality triple-glazed windows
large, loft-style windows
additional skylight windows
available apartments with bathing room and recreation room
dostępne apartamenty
z pracowniami artystycznymi
zamknięta rowerownia
dla mieszkańców
z reprezentacyjnym lobby
video surveillance
dedicated SMART HOME system for each apartment
modern videophones


Smart solutions for apartment management make life more convenient. The dedicated smart home package in the developer's standard allows for controlling heating and lighting through an application. The extensive range of available accessories enables the expansion of the system to include control over blinds, sensors, and even favorite music. By integrating various systems and products with the central hub, a comfortable and secure #smarthome can be created.

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