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In Lofts at the Fabryka Jedwabiu, over 100 years of history meets modernity. In 1900, the "Schmitz & Van Endert" company built the Silk Finishing and Washing Plant at the former Cegielniana Street 271, now Wólczańska Street 13.

Business card of industrial Łódź

The first mention of the factory buildings at Wólczańska Street 13, formerly Cegielniana Street, dates back to 1887. At that time, a certain Hugo Bressel established a small factory for leather gloves at this address, employing ten workers. Since 1896, the owner of this land was Gerszon Gerszner, who launched a Cotton Finishing and Weaving Mill at this location. He later expanded the plant, installing 15 looms and employing 30 workers. The factory was electrified between 1896 and 1897. It's worth noting that the company's administration was located at Kilińskiego Street 14. Right next to the former administration building is our current investment, Słoneczne Tarasy - Kilińskiego 12.

The subsequent owners of the land at Wólczańska Street 13, the "Schmitz & Van Endert" company, built the Silk Finishing and Washing Plant at this location, and in 1910, a two-story weaving mill. From 1924, the Silk Industry Joint Stock Company operated there, from which our investment takes its name. 
The company, with a share capital of 200,000 PLN, employed 325 workers and produced over 240,000 meters of fabrics. After World War II, the premises were used, among others, by the Knitting Cooperative "Wzór." The post-factory complex, along with the neo-Renaissance urban tenement, is listed in the Municipal Register of Monuments.

The investment is located on a plot of land equivalent to almost four Olympic swimming pools - 4148 m2. In total, there will be over 6000 m2 of residential space and 1000 m2 of commercial and service space, with a green passage with numerous plantings to be created between the buildings.

Culture at your fingertips

  • "CISZA/SILENCE" mural
  • 200 m from the K. Dejmek New Theatre
  • 750 m from the Powszechny Theatre
  • 270 m from the Museum of Art
  • 350 m from the Willa Gallery

Urban lifestyle

An ideal investment for those who value the proximity of cultural and entertainment infrastructure, as well as shopping and dining options. Do you dream of strolling to the cinema or theater on a summer evening, or experiencing a diverse culinary offer or nightlife on Piotrkowska Street? You don't have to waste time commuting to business meetings or transporting children to schools because everything is within reach.

  • 300 m from Europe's longest commercial street - Piotrkowska Street
  • 900 m from the Manufaktura commercial and entertainment complex
  • 4 primary schools within a 500 m radius
  • 400 m from the Mikołaj Kopernik First High School

Business - Friendly

  • 800 m from the New Łódź Center - a cluster of office buildings where a total of 20,000 new jobs will be created
  • 900 m from Ogrodowa Office - a prestigious Class A office building
  • 250 m from the future Łódź Śródmieście metro station - at the intersection of Zielona and Zachodnia streets

In the immediate vicinity

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