The industrial complex will feature premium loft apartments. The smallest apartment in the investment has an area of 25.79 sqm, while the largest apartment measures 167.46 sqm. The industrial character will be evident in the high ceilings, reaching up to 3.91 meters. Most apartments will have access to outdoor spaces such as balconies, terraces, or private gardens at ground level or on the rooftop. There will be 5 elevators, 58 parking spaces, and 65 tenant storage units for 107 apartments.

The apartments will boast a luxurious standard, high-quality finishing materials, attention to the smallest detail, a spacious lobby with a marble front desk, and a unique design. The entire common area will be maintained in an elegant industrial style with black, copper, and white colors and distinctive references to original details. Large mahogany doors with milled marble will lead to apartments equipped with a smart home system.

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